Scan your Computer for Un-Patched Software
Ninety-eight percent of PCs are vulnerable according to some surveys. Surveys of computer users has shown that almost every PC is running at least one un-patched application. Nearly every PC continues to run with several insecure programs. Up to 98 out of every 100 PCs that are connected to the Internet may insecure programs installed - the number of insecure programs on users computers may be 11 or more.
There are software inspectors for home computers that may be accessed on Secunia PSI (Personal Software Inspector) scans your computer for seriously outdated software products that have been discontinued or require critical security updates from the vendor. The program can recognize almost 30,000 software products and gathers updated information from a variety of online sources, a user community and in-house research. Once the scan is completed, Secunia PSI will present you with a list of issues that were detected, along with download links to updated version, additional online information and other details. Advanced users can chose to ignore certain programs or exclude paths from the system scan. Secunia PSI can scan your computer on a daily basis and automatically alert you if new issues are detected.
Security patches are usually free and available for download from the program vendors. Let the Secunia PSI pinpoint exactly which patches you need to secure your PC. You can also do an online scan, using the Secunia online scan. The online version scans 70 programs that are commonly installed on computers.