Business Debit Cards

BusinessDebitCardOLDPut away your business checkbook and pull out your First Citizens Business Debit Card!

It’s fast…

Swipe and sign – that’s all you have to do and your purchase* is automatically deducted from your First Citizens Business checking account.
No need to write checks or wait for check approvals.
Eliminate the time you’ve spent in the past reconciling the petty cash account.

It’s convenient and secure…

Use your card to make purchases* or payments* online or over the phone. And, use your First Citizens Business Debit card at any merchant that accepts MasterCard®.
All of your transactions are itemized on your monthly statements (including merchant name and location of the purchase).
Eliminates the need to carry large amounts of cash or your checkbook!

It’s FREE!

Our First Citizens Business Debit Card has no monthly fee!

*Daily withdrawal limit of $1,000 for signature based (Point of Sale) transactions only, or available balance in your account, whichever is less.