Farm Management

BigTrustFarmMapInterested in Professional Farm Management Services?

First Citizens Trust & Investment Services can help:


Professional Negotiation of cash Rent Leases. Through analysis of current market rent rates, yields, CSR value and return on investment.


Apply For and Monitor Government Contracts & Payments

  • Prepare and file all required paperwork for CRP, CREP, etc.
  • File and manage UCC-1 paperwork


Pay Insurance & Taxes

  • Property Insurance
  • Liability Insurance
  • Real Estate Taxes
  • State & Federal Income Taxes


Make Distributions. Provide payments for you and your family.


Obtain Valuations & Appraisals. Continual monitoring of the market.


Conduct Farm Inspections

  • Meet with tenants on-site
  • Monitor crop, fence, moisture and soil conditions


Monitor Soil Conditions

  • Analyze soil tests
  • Analyze soil yields


Tax Worksheets. Provide detailed receipts and disbursements for tax use.